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Michelle Sommers - Founder & Instructor

As a beach-lover, I always wanted to learn to surf.  I finally decided to do it in my late-20s but could not find any female surf instructors locally to learn from.  I surfed with a few guys but wasn't really taught the basics regarding safety, technique and proper surf etiquette.  It took me a long time to feel comfortable out in the water on my board.

After visiting my friend in Hawaii who was an experienced female surf instructor, I realized that it made so much more sense to learn from another woman.  After several girlfriends asked for surfing instruction, I knew there was a need for a female surf instructor in our area who understands the way women think and their fears when it comes to learning to surf and the ocean.  


I began offering surf lessons and camps in the summer of 2009 and now have an amazing following of new and returning clients.  I have also created a local surf crew of moms and other ladies who regularly paddle out together year-round.  

My husband and our two boys also surf so our lives revolve around checking waves, traveling, surf forecasts, tides, weather.  We travel to the North Shore of Oahu every winter as surfing is something we will be able to do as a family for our entire lives.

Being selected as one of Athleta's 2011 Featured Athletes was such a great experience that really expanded my clientele.  That same year, I was named one of The Dispatch's (our local newspaper) Young Professionals business of teaching surf lessons for women. 

My current year-round career is that I am the executive director of the Eastern Surfing Association, the largest amateur surfing organization in the United States.  I oversee 23 local ESA districts along the East Coast that offer surf contests for children and adults.   

It's been amazing to watch women who I've connected become friends, change their lives for surfing and continually improve.  I am excited to continue teaching women something that I am so passionate about! 

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