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What to Expect From Your Lesson

You MUST be a strong swimmer and comfortable in the ocean!  Offering lessons for ages 13 and up!

Exceptions may be made for younger ages after discussion with Michelle

Watch this video to see how much
fun a surf lesson with Michelle is!

As an instructor, I want you to have the best experience while staying safe throughout the entire lesson.  I firmly believe in teaching safety from the beginning of each lesson & these precautions will enable you to build confidence & learn to surf safely.

As a surfer, you need to learn & understand the proper surf etiquette before you head out in the line up.  These "rules" of surfing will help you learn what not to do & teach you to respect other surfers that may be out in the water.


PLEASE NOTE:  My lessons are in-depth with a lot of information and one-on-one instruction.  Lessons are small in size and based on experience as well as the conditions.  If the waves and/or weather won't be fun or safe for learning, I will reschedule lessons for another day or time.


Your first lesson will introduce you to our local surf area, including the various breaks, types of waves, wind, tides and other important information that every surfer needs to know.  Respecting the ocean & beaches is another important issue that I really emphasize. 


You will learn about specific types of surfboards, which I provide for your lesson, leashes, how to wax your board, transporting and even carrying a surfboard.  


I provide land instruction prior to going out into the water.  You will learn the proper way of getting to your feet, turning "turtle" and paddling, along with where you should go out when you are ready to get into the water.


We will paddle out past the waves & get comfortable on your surfboard.  This is very important if you've never been on a surfboard before.  Balance is important & it takes some time to find that!  While out in the water, I go over more safety & etiquette so when you are ready to catch waves you will know all the basics.


Before catching waves on your own, I like to push you into waves so you can learn to get to your feet.  I do not do lessons in big waves so you can be confident that the waves will be good for beginners.  Some people like me to push them in for only a few waves while others want me to get them into waves for several lessons.  It's based on what you are comfortable with & when you're ready, we will go out & learn to catch your own.


Most people do more than one lesson to really get going with surfing.  Signing up for a weekend surf camp is a great way to get in a lot of surfing in a short amount of time.  I do offer discounts on multiple lessons as well as group rates.


If you are interested in purchasing your very own surfboard, I can put you in touch with our local surf shops and shapers who can help you get the best board, along with any accessories you may need.


I really enjoy teaching people how to surf - it is the best feeling in the world when you stand up & ride your first wave!  I've also made some wonderful friends through instructing & now have a great group of ladies to surf with.


If you have any questions, please let me know.  I hope to meet & surf with you soon!


Check out my blog on Athleta, "The Beginner's Guide to Surfing."

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