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Surf Lessons & Camps

To register for lessons & camps,
please email

Surf Lessons & Camps

To register for lessons & camps,
please email

Surf Lesson:  $125 per person 
Surf Camp:  $275 per person
Lessons and camps are limited in size & fill up quickly.
Please read the following carefully prior to registering for lessons or camps:
  • Ages 13 and up.  Exceptions may be made - contact Michelle for more details.
  • Lessons are offered daily June through October and based on conditions. 

  • Lessons are never guaranteed, but Michelle will do her best to accommodate your schedule.

  • All lessons are dependent on weather & surf conditions, and any surfing restrictions in place during the summer months.  

  • Time of lesson will vary each day depending on tide, wind and wave conditions. 

  • You MUST be flexible and understand that the tides and waves sometimes do not cooperate for a fun and safe lesson.

  • Lessons may be offered at Assateague State Park or in Ocean City and is determined based on sandbars which change constantly.  

  • You MUST be a strong swimmer and comfortable in the ocean!

Weekend Womens Surf Camps

  • Saturday & Sunday mornings for 90 minutes of surf instruction.

  • Photos may be taken so you can show everyone your surfing style!

  • Cost is $275 per person and includes a surfboard to use, photos and a Sommers Surf apparel item.

  • Camps are always limited in size, so participants receive personal instruction.  

  • 2024 Weekends 

    • Jun 29 & 30​

    • July 27 & 28

    • Aug 10 & 11

Advanced Beginner
Group Surf Sessions

  • Small group surf sessions for people who have had lessons with me prior and still prefer some guidance. 

  • A great way to meet other beginning surfers and create a surfing buddy system, as well as work with me to help progress your surfing basics. 

  • These sessions will include in-depth information on wave selection, paddling into waves, going down the line, turning turtle/duck-diving, knowing when and where to go surfing, much more. 

  • These one-hour surf sessions will be offered ONLY on days that conditions are good for learning.  

  • Cost for each surf session is $50 per person.

  • Participants must be able to paddle out to the line-up as this is not a beginner lesson.

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